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Does Pinterest Really Convert Big

There has been a lot of talks lately about how Pinterest can generate lots of converted leads. In fact, this is the reason why businesses are eager to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon. Marketers believe that Pinterest is the next big marketing platform since Facebook and why not?

The exponential growth of Pinterest is something to marvel at. In just a short period, it has become a strong third to the top dogs, Facebook and Twitter and even blasting the likes of Google Plus, LinkedIn and Tumblr. , Pinterest has too much potential that is fatal to be ignored.

Before we delve into the details there are certain things that marketers are looking at that will make their mouths drool. It is some information about Pinterest’s reach such as its 20 million users making it the third largest social media site.

The site has over 104 million visitors per month as well. An average user spends around 405 minutes per month which is roughly the same as the time being spent by Facebook users. Also, Pinterest is an impulse-buying pusher since people tend to buy something that they see on the site. It is said that 21 percent of buyers say that they bought something after seeing it on Pinterest. With this, It is now driving organic traffic better than Yahoo, and it also drives traffic better than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

How would Pinterest become a potent force in sales conversion? The answer is in the pudding. Pinterest is unique because it is graphics-driven rather than text-driven. Pinterest is known to reduce the number of steps needed from discovery to conversion. If a picture of a product is pinned frequently clicking on the image will lead you to a website where you can place your order.

This is relatively easier compared say to Twitter. A celebrity-endorsed product may coax a follower to buy something from Twitter which is something doubtful because of the amount of money you need for the endorsement. The writing on the wall is clear. Pinterest gives customers are a clear-cut path towards purchasing compared to other social media sites.

As mentioned above, Pinterest is a highly-effective traffic-driving machine. Ten million unique visitors are no laughing matter. That is a lot for any other website. It becomes such a big deal when the traffic is driven by a relatively new site such as Pinterest. If you need to fuel your marketing, you would need to have lots of traffic.

Pinterest has demonstrated that it has the ability to drive links back to your website. This early Pinterest has shown that in some instances it can drive traffic far better than Facebook.

What makes Pinterest interesting is that there are links that come with the pins. Marketers love people pinning images that link back to the main website. This is how traffic and lead building is generated. More leads mean more opportunities to convert which can lead to better sales figures! Pinterest has shown that it can provide valuable inbound links which can give you a high probability that people would want to look at your products.

As Pinterest evolves, marketers will see changing trends and more reason to join the new platform. Businesses are genuinely excited about the future that Pinterest brings to the table. They know that when they move fast, they will be able to gain the advantage and leverage the platform for their benefit.
So really – Pinterest converts big! Now, get on it!

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